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Model: MEHCUT303
Price: us$45.00

Date Added: Friday 29 September, 2006
Teaching Series This is the third installment in a series devoted to Cutwork and other machine embroidery techniques. Also called Broderie Richelieu, ... more info

Model: MEHCDfee
Price: us$8.75

Date Added: Wednesday 05 April, 2006
Click on this BUY NOW or ADD TO CART button if you wish to receive your designs on CD only if you are ONLY ordering designs. If you are ordering ... more info

Model: MEHDS
Price: us$39.99

Date Added: Monday 17 July, 2006
** Large Size Stocking (9" wide X 15" high) ** This beautiful washable stocking is perfect for your home decorating and it is also the ... more info

Model: MEHle10
Price: us$45.00

Date Added: Thursday 22 March, 2007
  Are you pressed for time? Do you need a gift, a REALLY good looking gift in a short time? This ensemble is for you. Defying the ... more info

Model: MEHEL1
Price: us$45.00

Date Added: Thursday 09 August, 2007
This collection is perfect for anytime you are in a pinch to create a project quickly but elegantly. You will find designs to create edgings with a ... more info

Model: MEHEL2
Price: us$45.00

Date Added: Thursday 16 July, 2009
Dedicated to one of our favorite angels, Roxann. Second in the Elegance series, Elegance 02 - Roxann's Inspiration will be one of the best ... more info

Model: MEHES
Price: us$19.99

Date Added: Monday 17 July, 2006
Fast & Easy Fabric Bowl & Doily Ensemble Since these items are stitched on stiff stabilizer, they will not require any stiffening. ... more info

Price: us$45.00

Date Added: Wednesday 20 February, 2008
Raised/Padded Monograms and Matching Frame, Border and Corner Designs Note: Frame is part of the Elevation Matching Design. See bottom of the ... more info

Price: us$7.99

Date Added: Sunday 26 November, 2006
Learn how to embroider medium to heavyweight knit items and hand knitted items easily. This technique is explained to you with easy to follow ... more info

Model: MEHEC1
Price: us$12.00

Date Added: Thursday 12 March, 2009
Very Easy To Do! Very Useful! Fantastic craft sale item! Very quick to make for very little money invested! Do you have a quick and ... more info
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