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Fringe, Ribbon and Tassel In-The-Hoop Create yards and yards of exquisite fringe and ribbon and a matching tassel directly in your hoop!

Create yards and yards of exquisite fringe and ribbon and matching tassel directly in your hoop. You DO NOT need to know how to rehoop or align anything at all. As with any other "In-The-Hoop" project, all you need to do is follow the instructions and you will be creating seamless lengths of fringe and ribbon very easily and very efficiently without any assembly hassles.

Having a fringe or ribbon that is an exact match in color to our fabrics is now possible and incredibly easy. Better yet, these fringe, ribbon and tassel designs are customizable! The ribbon and the upper part of the fringe and tassel can be left blank or you can add a design of your choice, as we did with the pink flower added to the white fringe, ribbon and tassel. Be bold and add crystals or beads or buttons to your fringe, ribbon and tassel and create your very own novelty set. Can you just imagine a lampshade trimmed with fringe done in variegated thread to which beads and crystals were added? Add a one of a kind hem to a cami or to the bottom of pants for girls! Or maybe a gold or silver fringe for that new snazzy purse I just made? Everything is possible!

You are not sure about which design to include? Or you are pressed for time and would like your customization to be quick and beautiful? Hum... do you remember all those amazing decorative stitches that come with the "sewing" part of our machines? Yes, they work fantastically well. They are lightweight and quick to stitch and perfect for using all of those wonderful specialty threads.

The gold decorative stitching is discreet
and soft and creates a very elegant look.

A very detailed instruction file with photos at every step is included with the designs.

The flower design added to this
fringe is from 4 Baby & U 02

Yes, an exquisite and
one of a kind tassel!

Close-up: Wouldn't this baby look just
amazing on a pillow or on a bookmark?

This ribbon is not only a lot stronger than the
ribbon we normally buy ready-made but if stitched
in Floriani polyester thread, it is also bleach
resistant. This means that we can finally add
color to a t-shirt and not worry that the colors
will run in the wash. YEA!

NOTE: 2 lengths of fringe are included
to accomodate all your needs.

5 1/2" long

3 1/2" long

NOTE: 2 lengths of tassel are also
included in this set.

Design Information:

MEHFT1_3inch:   89.8.0mm x  96.0mm (3.54" x 3.78")
Stitch Count:   8556

MEHFT1_5inch:   89.8mm x 146.0mm (3.54" x 5.75")
Stitch Count: 10039

MEHFT1_Ribbon: 89.8mm x  11.8mm (3.54" x 0.46")
Stitch Count: 2655

MEHFT1_T3inch: 69.8mm x  96.0mm (2.75" x 3.78")
Stitch Count: 4856

MEHFT1_T5inch: 69.8mm x 146.0mm (2.75" x 5.75")
Stitch Count: 5394

  • Model: MEHFT01


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