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Cross Stitch designs made by machine can often turn into nightmares because of the staggering number of jump stitches to cut. But what happens if we remove those jump stitches? It gets really interesting.

If you look in stores around you, cross stitch is everywhere right now from pillowcases to cushions. It's colorful, crisp and clean. We can play with colors as much as we want and with the polyester thread, we can put red on white and bleach the item and not have the color bleed. Cross stitch today in our everyday life is the most fun thing and great for quick gifts. These designs are so precise that they are perfect to stitch at higher speed and are also wonderful to use on ready made items normally meant for hand cross stitch embroidery.

There is no need to fuss over which fabric to use. Huck fabric, aida cloth or any type of regular fabric will work, since this machine embroidery and not hand embroidery. You only need to stabilize for the embroidery, as you normally would. If aida cloth is used, it's easy to get great results by simply making sure that the weave is really straight in the hoop and that when the machine needle is lowered, it will be in a hole. This is all that is required to have a beautiful cross stitch design that looks as if it had done by hand.

The designs here have been modified to make sure that all of the jump stitches that could be removed, have been removed to insure a wonderful embroidery experience. No more nightmares of cutting the wrong thread. When jumps have been unavoidable, they have been stretched long enough to make it easy to remove them quickly.

Cross Stitch software do their best, but jump stitches are unavoidable with them. The only way to eliminate them is manually. Here are a few examples of how many jumps were in the design before the they were manually edited:
Name of Design Before After
MEH-xst-2basket: 44 jumps 6 jumps
MEH-xst-2bluejoy2: 43 jumps 6 jumps
MEH-xst-2border: 13 jumps 3 jumps
MEH-xst-2rose: 64 jumps 32 jumps
MEH-xst-2grapes: 21 jumps 1 jumps

These designs can be stitched on regular fabric without any problems. If they were to be embroidered on Aida cloth or any other canvas, the gauge is 14 stitches per inch.


Decorative Pillow

Quilt of my Dreams? Well, it's a beginning at least!

Alphabet is from Cherished Monogram & Matching Designs

Alphabet is from Elevation Monogram & Matching Designs

Design Information

The designs have also been adapted with a totally embroidered background. The result
is almost the same fantastic texture that tapestry has. This is the perfect choice for
lampshades, chairs, footrests, bags and any other project your can think of.

The sample design is offered in one format only.
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