Converting Designs

Samples and free designs are offered in one format only but you can convert designs very easily and inexpensively. Please note that if you have software that came with your machine or that you bought to go with your machine, chances are that you can already convert designs on your own. If you are unsure how to proceed, the instructions of option 2 might be helpful for you.

There are also conversion softwares that are available for free or at low cost on the Internet.


If you do not already own software, a good software to convert designs with great results that will also do all of the editing you ever need would be Embird... which you can get for a free 30 days trial here...

Scroll down and go click on "GET TRUESIZER DESKTOP" (You might need to register first if you haven't already.)

Instructions to convert with TrueSizer (Opens and converts to EXP, DST, EMB, TAP, TOYOTA, BARUDAN, JEF, SEW, HUS, PES, PEC, PCS, PCD, CSD, XXX)

1. open Wilcom TrueSizer

2. click on the open folder icon... upper left corner of the screen

3. on the window that opens, first you have the usual LOOK IN blank field with the little arrow that is where you go search for the folder in which the design is, then in the big white space below is where the design files should appear. If none of your files show at this time, underneath you have FILE NAME and FILE TYPE, to the right, there is another type of menu, click on the arrow there and select ALL FILES and all the design files in that folder will show.

4. select the design to be converted by clicking on it once and then click OPEN

5. now with the design open, click on FILE, upper left corner of screen


7. on the opening window, click on FILE TYPE and select the desired format and then click SAVE

Have fun stitching and I hope this helps