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Model: MEHQ02
Price: us$25.00

Date Added: Thursday 31 January, 2019
Are you a beginner when it comes to quilting? Are you an experienced quilter who likes to make as many quilted gifts as possible but alas, you often ... more info

Model: MEHMy_H
Price: us$5.00

Date Added: Thursday 24 January, 2019
Freestanding Lace Heart Ornament/Bookmark IMPORTANT: Recommandations and Tips are provided to help you achieve the best results possible ... more info

Model: MEHBR01
Price: us$15.00

Date Added: Thursday 17 November, 2016
Freestanding Lace Bracelet Amazingly simple to stitch, this bracelet is sure to be a great craft sale item and an appreciated gift everytime! ... more info

Model: MEHSW
Price: us$19.99

Date Added: Thursday 27 October, 2016
Free standing Lace Set Designs Contrary to most lace designs, the designs in this collection stitch out amazingly fast. The ... more info

Price: us$45.00

Date Added: Thursday 06 October, 2016
Monogram & Matching Design Collection There are NO JUMP stitches or kept to a strict minimum in any of the designs included in this ... more info

Model: MEHHM
Price: us$5.00

Date Added: Sunday 11 September, 2016
Monogram Designs There are NO JUMP stitches in any of the designs included in this collection. ... more info

Model: MEH3DAA
Price: us$45.00

Date Added: Friday 19 August, 2016
Freestanding Lace Monogram/Ornaments/Bookmarks Designs Graphic and Original Inspiration graciously provided by Barbara aka BGD6 There are NO ... more info

Model: MEHAM
Price: us$29.99

Date Added: Tuesday 03 March, 2015
These monograms are offered in three different sizes. The smaller monograms are in average 3 inches high, the medium sized monograms are in average 5 ... more info

Model: MEHCBUT01
Price: us$9.00

Date Added: Monday 07 January, 2013
These beautiful but simple butterflies are done in cutwork. They take very little time to stitch and give a little something to a project. Here ... more info
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