How To Know How Much Thread You Need

Please note that if you have software that came with your machine or that you bought to go with your machine, chances are that you can already find that information in your own software. If you are unsure how to proceed, the instructions of 2 might be helpful for you.

If you do not already own software, a good software to calculate how much thread is needed per design, per color and how much bobbin thread is Embird 2004... which you can get for a free 30 days trial here...


Click here for free trial of Embird

Instructions to determine how much thread is required for a design:

1. Open Embird

2. On right, look for your design

3. Right click on your design and click on VIEW and select VIEW THREAD LIST

4. On the window that opens you will see a list of each color in the design. You can even get the color numbers per thread company if you pick the company of your choice (bottom left corner)

5. Look for the COMSUMPTION column... if you have set your Embird to give you your measurements in millimiters, you will get your lengths of thread in meters. If you picked inches, you will have your lengths of thread required in feet.

6. Embird is fairly precise for thread quantities and also gives you a separate
amount for the bobbin thread required.

If you cannot get Embird or the software that goes with your machine at this time, there is another conversion software that is available for free on the Internet.


Scroll down and go click on the "GET IT FREE NOW" option of your choice.

Instructions to determine how much thread is required for a design

1. Open Wilcom TrueSizer

2. Click on the open folder icon... upper left corner of the screen below the "T" and below the word FILE

3. On the window that opens, first you have the usual LOOK IN blank field with the little arrow; that is where you go to search for the folder in which the design is located. Then the big white space below is next; the design files should appear there. If none of your files show at this time, underneath you have FILE NAME and FILE TYPE, click on the arrow of FILE TYPE and select ALL FILES. All the design files in that folder will show.

4. Select the design of your choice by clicking on it once and then click OPEN.

5. Now with the design open, on the right side panel, under DESIGN PROPERTIES, click on THREAD COLORS, using the scroll bar on the right, go down to STOP SEQUENCE

6. on the STOP SEQUENCE, you will see how much thread is required per color. The amount of bobbin appears to have been included. It's not perfect but at least you now know approximately how much you need.

Have fun stitching and I hope this helps...