How To Create Templates

They are necessary to facilitate your projects.

Since I don't own every software that was ever made, I thought the best way to go about this would be to offer you the instructions with Embird which is one of the most commonly used and also how to do the templates in TrueSizer9 from Wilcom which are two free softwares available for download. If you already own software from other companies, these instructions will probably be of good help still so here are the instructions:

OPTION 1. Embird

You can download the free trial of Embird here: Embird Basic Program

1. open Embird

2. on top menu bar, click on EDITOR

3. click on the OPEN FOLDER icon and go open your design

4. make sure your design is centered in the hoop and if you are unsure, press CTRL+A to make sure the design is selected and right click on it, then select CENTER - BOTH AXES

5. on top menu bar, upper left corner of the screen, click on FILE

6. click on PRINT TEMPLATE or PRINT TEMPLATE WITHOUT TEXT, that part is your choice

And you are done. All you need to do is cut around your template and you will have your design in its actual size and you will be able to use it to know exactly where to place your design on your project.


Scroll down and go click on "DOWNLOAD TRUESIZER NOW"

Instructions to create a template with TrueSizer

1. open Wilcom TrueSizer

2. click on the open folder icon... upper left corner of the screen below the "W"

3. on the window that opens, first you have the usual LOOK IN blank field with the little arrow that is where you go search for the folder in which the design is then the big white space below is the design files that should appear there. If none of your files shows at this time, underneath you have FILE NAME and FILE TYPE, click on the arrow of FILY TYPE and select ALL FILES and all the design files in that folder will show.

4. select the design to be embroidered by clicking on it once and then click OPEN

5. now with the design open, click on FILE, upper left corner of screen

6. click PRINT

7. at bottom left on the opening window, click on OPTIONS

8. make sure that in the ZOOM section that "1.0" is checked to have the design print in its actual size (any other info on that page is to your choice to if you want to print it or not, you can just leave everything set to the default settings.)

9. click OK and you will get back to the print window, you can click PREVIEW to see what the page will like before you print it out or you can click OK again and your template will print.

Have fun stitching and I hope this helps...