Magnificence - Monograms


The most important thing for me in working with your designs has been learning to look for the engineering that brings the art to life. I cant tell you how delighted I was to watch a scallop stitch out and understand why yours went beyond craft to art. Ive learned from you that charm and excellence are so far beyond merely cute Take good care of yourself I have so much I want to learn from you and it will only happen if you are not stretched beyond all that is reasonable. Many of us who might qualify as type A personalities can say been there done that please take care. Dont give yourself a guilt trip. Catch a breath and decide where your art will take you you can count on us to follow.
and lets talk about the little things you do that are HUGE when one is trying to do something basic like turning a design into a bookmark. Yes it's the eyelet that has saved me so many times. I've found myself thinking, only Marie!!! would know how useful this tiny item would be. I certainly didn't when you first posted it. This is only a small example of how you help us grow. I really wish I knew how to put my appreciation into words. I've spent today with your angel and your eyelet stitching out wishing you could see how happy the fifth grade parents are going to be with this addition to their book sale fund raiser.

Thank you for helping me have art back in my life.
Date Added: 02/09/2010 by Mariby
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